Get started with ERP faster thanks to SuiteSuccess method

Does your organisation need a new ERP system, but you don’t want to waste any precious time? The SuiteSuccess method from NetSuite ensures a smooth ERP implementation for your company.

Turnkey setup

SuiteSuccess contains sufficient documentation and best practices to fully develop flows for all your business processes. We like to compare this with a turnkey home – as a buyer, you create your dream home from the catalogue. The construction company can then build it quickly because it’s assembled from regular components. We can adopt this same working method for over 80 percent of our customers. Together, we map out all your business processes and look at which flows they fit into, before potentially adding limited customisation to achieve a perfect system.

The SuiteSuccess method helps to complete a NetSuite implementation as quickly as possible. This standardised way of working is comprised of the five traditional phases: design, configuration, validation, transition and the ultimate go-live.

How does it work in practice?

Dynappco maps out all your organisation’s business processes in one or more design workshops. Together, we look at all the NetSuite flows and discuss whether they meet requirements. If we determine that the templates don’t fully satisfy your situation, we use customisation to perfect the solution.

Making use of all the available documentation, our own best practices and the SuiteSuccess flows means we’re certain to discuss every aspect in the design phase, so nothing is overlooked. We take our time to ensure the NetSuite implementation gives your company a complete and robust solution. We work in a truly customised way and do more than simply apply the standard method. We also take different countries’ requests and requirements into account in our analysis phase – because NetSuite is so strong at providing software for international SMEs.

Once we’ve fully described and approved a process, we start to configure it straight away. This saves us time because the design and configuration stages run parallel to each other.

We test everything extensively in the validation phase to ensure we’ve fully met all expectations. The first user training sessions and any problem-solving also take place in this phase.

Then, following the launch, one of our employees spends a fortnight on standby to answer any questions. Our aim is for end users to work efficiently with the new ERP system right from the very start.

What happens after the implementation?

We purposefully keep the first phase of the implementation as light as possible – we want to go live quickly with a system that covers all of the most important processes, to help users become familiar with the software one step at a time. Then we can add or build secondary features. The NetSuite software can be expanded or adapted very flexibly, which we’re very happy to take advantage of.

Customers can of course continue to count on our support once NetSuite has been implemented. Read all about our service management in this blog.

Benefits of NetSuite?

  • Fast ERP implementation
  • Flexible expansion and adaptation
  • Ideal for multiple locations in different countries
  • Scores highly for vertical services and software

Why Dynappco?

  • Get started with NetSuite quickly
  • Customisation if necessary
  • Fast implementation ensures fast return on investment

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