NetSuite Analytics & Reporting

Quickly create all your custom reports with NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

Different companies and sectors have different relevant details for their reports. And how you visualise this information is often a question of preference. That’s where SuiteAnalytics – a powerful, free tool for all NetSuite users – comes in.

In addition to standard reports, one of NetSuite’s main benefits is that you can easily create your own custom reports with only the details you want to see. SuiteAnalytics has therefore made it child’s play to customise content and layout to suit your unique requirements. The better and faster you can gain insights into crucial information, the easier it is to make good decisions. Correct and prompt analysis should help to form the basis of any important business decision.

SuiteAnalytics Workbook

You can combine multiple datasets in Workbook. This means that a Workbook can contain various queries, pivot tables and charts, each potentially coming from a different dataset.

So if you want information about support cases in a chart, for example, with the project workload for a specific support team in a table – all within a single Workbook – then this is exactly what different datasets make possible. With Workbook, you can easily drag-and-drop various criteria to gain valuable insights with real-time visualisations. You can also save and share Workbooks, which help companies to improve their core activities and discover new opportunities or unexpected problems. You can even zoom into the visual representations of the analyses for more detail.

The navigation bar automatically shows a list of all possible linked records and fields, which – together with the search function – quickly provides the data needed for graphs and pivot tables. SuiteAnalytics places the most important fields at the top, too, so you can easily find the right information even faster. The sort function gives you easy access to the top or bottom items in the list, which you can view in ascending or descending order.

The Formula Field function allows you to create your own new fields, calculated on the basis of the fields in your report. And this function has now been simplified so it doesn’t require any coding work.

You can also use the new Date Range filter to choose the last fiscal quarter, for example, or any other period or date in the pivot tables and charts – and even create your own filters with percentages and numeric values.

SuiteAnalytics Saved Search

The NetSuite search function is a tool for filtering data to find answers to your questions. A Saved Search is a list of real-time results based on certain criteria and filters, which you can keep private or share with others. The statistics are easily updated with a single click. SuiteAnalytics allows you to automatically send saved search results to selected recipients by email, for example as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF. You can also schedule the emails to send automatically.

SuiteAnalytics Reports

SuiteAnalytics offers a series of reports which you can adapt to your requirements. You can also go straight into more detail from a summary level.

SuiteAnalytics KPI

See important information at a glance with SuiteAnalytics KPI. It’s easy to add Key Performance Indicators, which you can visualise in various ways, according to your preference.

SuiteAnalytics Dashboard

The customisable dashboards in SuiteAnalytics give you real-time information from all parts of the company, from accounting and sales to operations and support.

SuiteAnalytics Connect

Connect offers you the possibility to archive, analyse and report NetSuite data using a third-party tool or self-built application on any type of device with a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X operating system.