Fixed Assets Management

Automate fixed assets management

NetSuite Fixed Assets Management is a clever module that gives you the power to eliminate spreadsheets and manual effort from your company’s asset and lease management processes. It offers the flexibility to select which accounting periods to depreciate with extensive asset reporting, and allows finance departments to integrate with NetSuite’s accounting features.

You can maintain and control the complete asset lifecycle with NetSuite Fixed Assets Management, from creating a purchase order within NetSuite to depreciation and retirement. Its extensive asset management functionality supports multiple depreciation calculation types, and the handling of depreciating and non-depreciating assets, maintenance schedules, lease accounting and insurance.

It also makes it easy to move assets from one location to another, or from one subsidiary to another. And a standard revaluation function allows you to increase or decrease asset values to reflect the current market value.

Comprehensive support for depreciation

NetSuite Fixed Assets Management gives you complete flexibility to depreciate assets based on the right depreciation method – providing out-of-the-box methods as well as possibilities to create your own.

Efficient lease management

The NetSuite Fixed Assets Management module simplifies lease payments, amortisations and reporting, helping you to comply with the latest applicable tax rules and accounting standards. You can easily create, update and track finance and operational leases. And it separates lease and interest expenses, and automatically updates lease values, streamlining the monthly close process.

Complete integration with NetSuite Accounting

NetSuite Fixed Assets Management enables you to easily create fixed assets from purchase orders while ensuring that all asset depreciations and disposals are posted to NetSuite’s core accounting system.

Real-time fixed assets and lease reporting

Run preconfigured reports for fixed and leased assets. Comprehensively report across assets, valuation, present value, expenses and depreciations. Automatically create reports for leased payments, including net present value, interest and principal. Distribute fixed and leased assets across different locations, subsidiaries and asset types. Quickly run pre-built saved searches on items such as monthly depreciations, asset additions and disposals, asset lists, asset registers, history of lease proposals, inspections, insurance renewals and expiring lease agreements.

NetSuite Fixed Assets Management for your company

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