Dynappco: tons of experience in a young company

Dynappco is celebrating its six-year anniversary in 2023. But, thanks to the wealth of experience and talent in the organization, we’ve already got more than 20 years on the clock. Together with managing partner Kurt Vanclooster, we did a deep dive into the company’s work and journey so far. Read our interview with him to find out what makes Dynappco your ideal partner.

Why should customers call on Dynappco?

Kurt: “It’s best to work with an experienced supplier when installing software to automate your administration, finances, sales, stock management, production, logistics and possibly other processes – for the surest guarantee that your project will run smoothly and greatly improve your operations. At Dynappco, we have more than 20 years’ experience of ERP implementations, making us the ideal partner to streamline your processes.”

But Dynappco hasn’t been around for very long?

Kurt: “That’s right, but we’ve got many years of experience to draw on thanks to our previous history. NetSuite became part of Oracle in 2016 following a huge takeover, which led to Dynappco being established as a subsidiary of RMC in 2017. Dynappco then became NetSuite’s cloud software expert, drawing on all the parent company’s know-how. This ensured we got off to a flying start, and our employees didn’t have to reinvent any wheels.”

What skills do the employees have?

Kurt: “Dynappco employs NetSuite specialists. They’re all qualified after passing relatively difficult exams, and moreover all provide excellent service. This means they all have very good knowledge of the processes summarized above. And their expertise increases with every new project, but we occasionally come across questions that we can’t immediately formulate an answer for within Dynappco. In which case we can simply turn to one of our 80 RMC colleagues.”

How does that work out for you? Can you find the right person quickly?

Kurt: “Yes, we can. Ever since Dynappco started, we’ve always been able to find someone with the right knowledge to help our customer. This colleague can then either help from behind the scenes, or we take them with us to visit our customer, depending on the nature of the issue.”

“We also always call on RMC colleagues when we’re starting a new project, to see where their complementary skills could be useful. Sometimes this collaboration is brief and quite informal, and sometimes our RMS colleagues work with us from start to finish as project manager. Even a quick meeting at the start immediately saves us time. Together, we know the best practices, pitfalls and best approach to start the project quickly and make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.”

How is a project handled once it’s complete?

Kurt: “Our customers continue to make use of Dynappco’s synergies within the RMC group even when a project is over. Our service desk works in the same way and uses the same software for all companies in the group, although tickets are processed separately, of course. But if we receive a query that we don’t have a ready-made answer for, the service manager can ask our sister companies straight away whether they have a solution. This ensures our customers always receive a service that’s wholly focused on NetSuite, but benefit from all our shared business automation expertise.”