Enhesa saves time with user-friendly ERP software

Enhesa urgently needed a new, user-friendly ERP package. So, following a health check, Dynappco implemented NetSuite software to help them make the switch to an integrated financial system. Its intuitive interface and great ease of use means Enhesa can work much more efficiently now, and save lots of time.

Well-considered choice for NetSuite

Pieter Vervinckt, Chief Financial Officer at Enhesa, explains that they’ve been wanting new software for some time. ‘The whole team was working with outdated software that wasn’t really suitable for a service company like Enhesa. A proof of concept and a few workshops soon made it clear that NetSuite was best aligned with our way of working.’

‘I had worked with Dynappco and the Cronos Groep in the past, and because it had always been a positive experience, we saw our new collaboration as a sort of quality guarantee,’ says Vervinckt.

A single, centralized system

‘It’s important that we can isolate our data by entity and by role, but we also want to quickly access consolidated information about all entities, and NetSuite’s many reporting possibilities mean this is now remarkably simple. Our invoicing, sales management, VAT returns, purchase orders and even expense reports are all contained in a single, centralised system, which makes the financial administration much smoother. We mainly wanted to make things simpler in terms of consolidation and managing our various entities, and we’ve definitely succeeded.’

Ease of use leads to time savings

‘Following our successful implementation of NetSuite as an integrated financial system, it soon became clear how user-friendly this software is. My team is very happy that they can perform their daily tasks much more efficiently now, and I find it much more intuitive to work with as well. I can even gain quick insights into a number of important KPIs and financial values, such as our cash position. We also recently acquired a new business, and Dynappco again helped us to deploy NetSuite and bring all the financial administration together. It was supposed to only take three months, but we managed to round things off even faster,’ laughs Vervinckt.

Excellent project management

‘Dynappco was able to stay within the set timing and budget for both projects. And we’ve been able to always work with the same consultants, which makes everything much easier, especially as all the meetings were held online because of the pandemic. We can always rely on excellent support after we go live, too. Following the successful implementation, they continue to look for aspects that can be improved. Dynappco manage their projects really well – absolutely no complaints,’ enthuses Vervinckt.

Planning and budget management

‘We’ll soon be launching a planning project as part of our efforts to continuously improve our operations, and Dynappco will help us here too. The Business Planning and Control System is a NetSuite component that will help us with budgeting and monitoring – we’re currently doing this in Excel, and there’s definitely room improvement.’

Vervinckt: ‘It was clear that we needed to change and find a new solution that was better suited to our way of working. We’ve managed to keep the costs of the migration neutral with this new software, so it’s a really positive end result.’

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