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Dynappco gives you the best service for your Oracle NetSuite

If your organisation works with Oracle NetSuite, you can always rely on Dynappco for the best service. We help you and your employees with NetSuite’s day-to-day operations, and ensure your organisation is always making the most of your software.

NetSuite updates

NetSuite releases two updates every year with lots of new and interesting features. We make sure your organisation is always up to date with the latest version. Are you using all the possibilities you need, or could you automate you processes further? There’s a good chance that lots of new features have been added since your company started using NetSuite. We check through your options together, and supervise you both during and after updates are implemented.

How does Dynappco guarantee the best service?

To offer a personalised and effective service, we work with a ticketing system for all questions.

Ticketing system

We use our well-structured ticketing system with four priority levels for all questions. As a customer, you can quickly create a ticket on your own portal. Simply fill in a few entry fields and set your own priority level.

Service Level Agreement

We use our pre-approved Service Level Agreements to ensure we deal with your ticket within the specified timeframe. For a ticket in the highest priority level, we guarantee that a consultant will respond within one hour.

Local consultants

We only work with local consultants who speak your language and can visit whenever you want.

Same contact person

You can count on the same contact person for all your questions. This consultant knows your organisation and maintains a good overview for you.

Service report

With Dynappco, the service doesn’t stop with resolving your ticket behind the scenes. Your regular consultant maintains an overview in the service report, which they regularly discuss with you. If we see lots of recurring tickets about the same issue, we look at possible solutions together with you.


We work on the basis of a credit bucket, whereby you pay in advance for several hours’ service. This means that if we see a ticket that requires lots of work to resolve, we will of course discuss it with you first. So there are never any surprises.