Belgian Reporting in NetSuite

As a partner of Oracle NetSuite in Belgium, Dynappco has a good understanding of the goal that the client wants to achieve with NetSuite and which functionalities contributes the most to this. NetSuite provides all its clients with a variety of standard reports so that the client can use the system for their business immediately. However, a Belgian client could prefer a different layout to make it more country specific. To fulfil to this requirement, NetSuite has an extended reporting tool to customize the standard reports for the client or segment it is operating in. For this, Dynappco wants to offer the Belgian clients the possibility to use a customized version of the reports that are specifically created for Belgian reporting. The most common used reports for this reporting are:

  • The balance sheet
  • The income statement
  • The trial balance

Dynappco adapted these 3 reports so that they could be consulted in the format of the National Bank of Belgium. Each report has been set up in the next 3 languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French

Beside reports there is to possibility to create saved searches within NetSuite, which gives you a real-time representation of the searches data. By using criteria and filters, the requested data is visualized in an interactive overview and where you can click-through to that one transaction to get more detailed information.

Dynappco adds extra saved searches in order to represent transactions in another way. It created a separate purchase and sales ledger to represent the sales and purchases in a specific period. This period can be adjusted by the date filter if the clients wants to see it per month/year/…

The standard and/or custom reporting can be used to show information on the home dashboard. This allows the user to have an overview of the most relevant information as KPI’s, reminders and graphs on any moment.

We can conclude that NetSuite offers a lot of possibilities to its clients to use NetSuite as it is intended. An easy-to-use system provided with many standard functionalities, but that also offers customization tools to adapt it to specific needs.